Types of Car Insurance and Why You Should Take a Third-Party Only Policy

Many insurance companies have a specialist website, but some can be complicated to find the right insurance for you. There are many different types of car insurance cover in existence and finding the right one can take time and patience. One way to help get the insurance you need, without having to search around for the cheapest or most appropriate cover, is by taking out third-party only insurance.

Third-party only car insurance is a fairly new addition to the market and offers many benefits to consumers. It is thought that this type of insurance can help to reduce your premium costs by up to 40% compared to full third-party or comprehensive car insurance. This form of cover also offers very good peace of mind, especially for families who want to take complete control of the cost of their vehicle. Third-party only cover has also been proved to reduce the number of claims made on the policy in the future.

No matter what type of cover you choose, either third-party only or comprehensive car insurance, it is important to read the small print of any insurance policy you are considering. Some third-party only policies contain exclusions that you should be aware of and should ensure that you do not break any of these exclusions if you own a particular make or model of car.

Some of the most common exclusions include: AVAILABILITY OF MOTOR INSPECTION (requires a Car Registration Certificate, MOT certificate) any kind of temporary breakdown, health and fitness of the driver, clearances and insurance claims, MOT EXCLUSIONS, insurance claims and breakdowns on or after your policy begins. If you are looking for third-party only car insurance with these exclusions, then you may need to check with the provider to ensure that your cover includes all these exclusions.

Many people are under the impression that third-party only motor insurance can offer more coverage than comprehensive car insurance, but this is simply not the case. Third-party only insurance only covers damage to your car from third parties, and does not cover damage caused by accidents or theft.

However, the peace of mind that comes with third-party only motor insurance can be quite useful when you need to take time off work or a break when you travel for business. If you travel on your own time and away from your workplace, third-party only car insurance may not offer enough protection to your car, as it would for a family that have a fleet of cars that they use. If you cannot afford comprehensive car insurance, then it may be wise to choose a cheaper plan and add the third-party only cover later.

Third-party only motor insurance covers damages that are caused by vandalism, fire, windstorm and other forms of external elements, as well as making sure that you and your passengers are covered for third-party fire and theft. Whilst third-party only insurance does not cover damage done to your car by accident or natural events such as rain or snow, it does protect you in the event of an accident by covering your car completely.

Third-party only car insurance does come at a premium, which means that you should expect to pay a little more than a third-party comprehensive car insurance. However, it is worth checking the insurer's rates before you sign up. With the right insurance company, your premiums can be affordable, and you can feel confident that your policy will give you enough protection to ensure that you are able to drive your car on your own time without worrying about any accidents.